What is infecting humanity? Is it an illusion? Is it delusion?

Are you infected by one of the time traits?  In this guest post, our friend Ryan Biddulph will tell us what he means is infecting humanity other than the famous virus. Let’s read about his thoughts about this time traits.

Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your thoughts.

2 Odd Time Traits Infecting Humanity

2 Odd Time Traits Infecting Humanity

The ego either believes it has all the time in the world or no time left at all.

Take the case of some human who believes it has all the time in the world. In essence, this is true because you and I are timeless, infinite spirits. However, the ego embodies this mentality not from limitless love but deep fear, aversion, and distraction. Human egos who act as if they have all the time in the world do so to stay asleep, to live in fear, and to operate from misery for their entire human existence. Egos with all the time in the world tend to work a job, watch TV at home, get sick and die, with a few fun, light stretches in between. Distraction reigns. Death follows.

Some humans rush around like headless chickens as if they have NO TIME AT ALL. The ego believes its full existence is a human body. Once the human body dies, so does the ego’s existence……so…….RUSH! Observe any urban city. The ego rushes around in a mad dash because it believes it has so little time to achieve anything before its existence vanishes forever, with bodily death.

Delve deeper into mind

But delving deeper into mind reveals that although we are timeless spirits, a sense of urgency arises in our real mind to wake up from the sleeping mind, to face fear now, and to wade through the illusion of time, duality, Maya, and the general madness seemingly infecting humanity. Timeless beings never run out of time but now is the moment to desire to wake your sleeping mind.

2 Odd Time Traits Infecting Humanity

I am with you. I devote a decent chunk of my day to waking my sleeping mind. The ego tries to tell me I have little time to work with today because my entire existence is a body that eventually dies. But the ego also tells me to distract myself with mindless activities for my human existence because I have all the time in the world. Stepping into each fear feels uncomfortable. However, delving deeper into your mind reveals how you and I are both timeless beings but entirely rooted in the present intent of waking your sleeping mind. Now is all we have but now is forever. What a relief!

2 Odd Time Traits Infecting Humanity

Make mind development your life. This is the answer. This is the solution. As I journey into my mind, Spirit guides me to remember that I have all the time in the world but being truly helpful is the way to enjoy Infinity. Does it make sense to be asleep in endless ego distraction during your human experience in fear, guilt, and sadness? Does it make sense to rush forward in a frenzied blitz because you believe your entire existence is a body-puppet and once the body-puppet dies, so does your complete existence?

Out of illusion

Digging deeper into the mind reveals everything in the world is not real, but Love, One-ness, and Harmony are real. When Love emanates from your being, you exit time and space. Exiting time and space moves you into reality and out of the illusion. I visited a dear friend recently. Five hours with him felt like 5 minutes because 2 timeless spirits exited time and harmonized in love, fun, and happiness.

Think of any experience where time flew by from fun-loving, joyous energy, and you simply left the illusion of time to be in the reality of love and Infinity. Digging deeper into mind for mind development awakens the sleeping mind to where more of your human experience will be the reality of love, timelessness, and joy versus the illusion of fear, time, and guilt. 

Explore your mind now to begin waking up into loving, infinite reality.

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