The Spring came over night

The Spring came overnight.

Last week spring came overnight here; it was freezing – 5C the day before, and the next day the temperature raised to + 20C.

In the night, there was a loud thunderstorm, very unusual at this time of the year.

Not only the weather warmed up overnight, but my 200 strawberry plants and the raspberries also arrived, and the man who is painting the rooms of our house showed up.

My whole house will be painted inside all the rooms and bathrooms.

Good, the weather is warm, and I could bring all my houseplants into the garden.

I am very happy about it, but it is a lot of work as well.

Now I have a major spring cleaning. Renovation is going on, and I have to put Raspberry and Strawberry plants in the garden.

The Spring came over night

The Spring came overnight.

Partly I could plant and clean windows and rooms until now but will need another week to get it all done.

Sometimes all is coming together, and sometimes all we want is to come at once.

Now we are waiting for nature to let things grow.

What about you?

Did you experience times like this?

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