Preparing Strawberry Sponge Roll in an easy way

It is easy and fast to prepare a sponge roll; sometimes, I make 3 or 4 of them and freeze them for a fast fruit cake.

There are many sponge cake recipes. But we love this one most.

If unexpected guests come or the kids want something sweet and healthy, prepare it in a few minutes.

The traditional sponge cake is easy to make, and it consists of only three very basic ingredients: flour, sugar, and eggs. The key to the perfect sponge cake is in the technique, and the batter must be beaten thoroughly in order to create volume.

"Strawberry spronge cake

The Sponge Roll can be frozen but is fresh much better.

We need 3 eggs,150 g organic sugar, and 150 g organic Spelt flour.

For the top of the round cake, we can use all kinds of fruits like strawberries,

Raspberry, Bananas, Peaches, or sometimes in winter, and top it with glaze

(easiest is Dr.Oetker).

Preparing Raw Strawberry Jam

Preparing Raw Strawberry Jam

No need to thaw the cake usually; it is good to eat after 10-15 minutes.

See how to make it here

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