What is this sign of an advanced mind?

Conquering fear, judgment, and see through the illusion of separateness? Let’s see what our friend Ryan Biddulph tells us about this:

Thank you ,Ryan

1 Sign of an Advanced Mind.

I have been watching both Billions and Succession recently.

Both series feature business titans. One show chronicles the exploits of a billionaire investor. The other show follows the life of a billionaire media magnate.

Morally and ethically, I do not care for either man because both operate heavily from fear, rage, anger, guilt, and revenge. Each titan attempts to manipulate, coerce, and flat-out use human beings for power and personal gain.

But even though I do not prefer their lower energy ways, I deeply admire the higher energy habits both display concerning money. Any person who largely conquers their money fears is commendable on some level. Simply observe humanity; most folks seem terrified to owe $25 on a credit card for the month. But the lead characters from both shows often go hundreds of millions to even billions of dollars into debt to grow each empire.

Neither man is worth USD 100 billion$ or $200 billion USD like Jeff Bezos. $500 million means something to each dude. That’s courage! 

I care not for much of their business model but appreciate how each individual largely slayed money fears.

Good exists in all.

I am doing my best to embody one sign of an advanced mind; amid observing gross differences between yourself and others, do your best to find high-energy aspects of every human being. Good exists in all. Even the seemingly most evil human beings throughout history showed flashes of good in certain moments.

Condemning any single person to evil makes you evil because you and the allegedly evil monster are one. Idiots, fools, and those setting themselves up for a backlash of cosmic justice judge and flat out demonize fellow human beings. One quantum field exists. Forgiving everyone instantly alerts you to One-ness. But refusing to forgive everyone creates a deeper illusion of separation retarding the growth of humanity.

Wise people know that everyone has some part to play for the greater good, but the part played flows according to an individual’s place in the plan. Train your mind to see even a glimmer of good in the seemingly worst person according to the ego’s judging, scared, poisonous eyes. Both legendary men from Billions and Succession definitely hurt many people based on their decisions but only due to their own fears. I have been deeply afraid. And I cannot harshly judge either dude because I know how fear feels. I have also mistreated others by suppressing my fears. Albeit, my mistreatment occurred on a far lesser scale than these 2 masters of the universe. However, mining a bit below ego judgment revealed each man overcame deep money fears to do some good with their wealth.

Both leaders gave large chunks of money to philanthropic endeavors. Each icon created jobs for 100’s to 1000’s of people, if not more. Seeing these positive elements of their personalities conditioned my mind to be less judgmental about their flaws and more appreciative of their strong suits.

Practice seeing good in everyone

Almost instantly, I felt better about myself the moment I chose to feel better about each fictional character. Of course, my ego enjoys getting in a cheap shot here and there; the ego seems convinced that both figures are likely psychopaths. But quickly pivoting to the good doled out by each reminds me to find the good versus bemoaning the bad.

Practice seeing good in everyone you come across to feel better about yourself. We are all one. Judging others harshly reveals harsh self-judgment. I do not aspire to be like the lead characters from Billions and Succession because each uses too much fear and manipulation to build empires. But at the very least I can continue to conquer money fears as I learn how to scale while attempting to embody their positive traits.

Train your mind to see even a sliver of good in everyone.

Practice forgiveness to unwind your mind of its ego judgments.

Feel better.

Shine brighter for the world.

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Not in movies but in real life

I do not watch movies or TV and do not know about these two movies. But I experienced People becoming rich myself as a child. As I grew up after the war in the “economic miracle time, “we call it.  A child does not judge, but I remember the change of vibes around these people at that time. 

Looking back: It seems some forget who they really are. 

As we are spiritual beings having a human experience, I follow my heart, playing my part in the divine Leela, observing and experiencing what is going on. And as long as nobody restricts my play, everybody can play his game of life.

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